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Deep Work by Cal Newport

Date added: May 21, 2019
My rating: 6/10
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Main idea:

Deep work is important and valuable but requieres focus. The best way to achieve it is with daily planning and rituals.

Book notes:

Ritualize. The key to developing a deep work habit is to move beyond good intentions and add routines and rituals to your working life.

Waiting for inspiration is a terrible, terrible plan. In fact, perhaps the single best piece of advice I can offer to anyone trying to do creative work is to ignore inspiration. Great creative minds think like artists but work like accountants.

Make grand gestures. Radical change to your normal environment, coupled perhaps with a significant investment of effort and money, all dedicated toward supporting a deep work task. You increase the perceived importance of the task. This boost in importance reduces your mind’s instinct to procrastinate and delivers an injection of motivation and energy.

Don’t use the internet to entertain yourself. Put more thought into your leisure time. When it comes to relaxation, don’t default to whatever catches your attention at the moment. Schedule in advance when you’ll use the Internet.

Quit social media. Keep using a tool only if you concluded that it has substantial positive impacts and that the outweigh the negative impacts. When freeing yourself from the marketing messages surrounding these tools you find out they’re not really all that important in your life.

Give your brain a quality alternative. Spend regular time each night making progress on a series of deliberately chosen books, exercise or enjoy good (in-person) company. If you give your mind something meaningful to do throughout all your akin hours, you’ll end the day more fulfilled, and begin the next one more relaxed, than if you allow your mind to bathe for hours in semiconscious and unstructured Web surfing.

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